We put an end to trying to get noticed by the waiters and choosing the products from physical menu.

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As in all businesses operating in the service sector, one of the basic elements of competitiveness in restaurant businesses is the quality of the services provided. The quality of the services is an important determinant of customer satisfaction and the customers' preference of that business again.

The primary purpose of QR RESTO is to increase the quality of service in restaurant businesses, to ensure customer satisfaction and to make it easier for this satisfaction to reach the target audience.

Application Features

You can inspect the different features of QR RESTO.


With the QR RESTO application, you can easily deliver the restaurant menu to your customers with qr code ...

Ask for a Waiter

With the QR RESTO application, you can take your orders without losing time and speed up your presentation.

Give Order

With the QR RESTO application, you can make your customers order easily and follow up your orders ...

Ask for Check

With the QR RESTO application, you can easily receive customer payments and prevent incorrect payments…

Multilanguage Support

With the QR RESTO application, you can serve your foreign guests as if they were in their own country.

Contactless Communication

With the QR RESTO application, it is possible to minimise the touch between the employees and the customers of your restaurant.

Qr Resto

Application Interface

With QR RESTO, we increase the visual appeal of your business ...

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Telephone : +7 977 342-30-49

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